• Retrobilia is a lost art reimagined and revived for the college superfan and alumni to possess their university logos/designs in a new, modern, and sophisticated way
  • We reincarnate the generations-old process of Goldworking developed in Asia and rarely done in present time due to the use of machine embroidery: personally hand stitching & hand weaving three dimensional metallic bullion threads in a multitude of colors…. And then we are applying it to the modern collegiate logo market
  • The result is your university’s logo (current and vault) or any other university design created from this beautiful and luxurious metallic thread in a 12 to 14 inch piece and then individually matted and framed to be hung as a piece of art
  • Upon licensing approval, Retrobilia will market these pieces to alumni, students, parents, and university officials and donate a portion of the revenue to the university


  • Our goal is to produce a limited edition, numbered, signed and authenticated series of university logos and selected designs, with each logo series being an amount that equals the year the school was founded – that’s it
  • For example, The University of Kentucky was founded in 1865, so Retrobilia will make 1865 pieces of each approved logo or design (1 set of 1865 pieces = 1 series). The # of series is up to the university but the more series produced, the more money the university can make
  • Due to the custom way Retrobilia pieces are made, creating a limited number is the most effective way to go not only to ensure high quality production value, but also, to create a higher demand for the pieces – This product is for a select few


  • 100% genuine, custom made, personally hand stitched by artisans who are experts in the bullion goldworking process – not mass produced by machines
  • A limited edition piece ensures high quality as extra care is put into each one
  • 12 to 14 inches in size & individually framed
  • The final product is created like an old school piece of art yet it’s sophisticated, upscale & versatile – it’s a piece of memorabilia for a “fancave” but also a fancy piece of show art for a dining room/living room/office
  • Alumni will be able to show off their alma mater in a high-end way with unparalleled handmade craftsmanship


In addition to receiving licensing approval, we want to make the university a beneficiary. Retrobilia would like to partner with either a university alumni association or athletic association and "Piggyback” off of their current marketing and fundraising efforts to alumni, parents, and students. We will also do our own marketing and have our own website but we ask that the university include us in their marketing efforts as well.


  • We believe the product’s rarity, high quality, and uniqueness combined with producing only a limited number of pieces per series will create a huge demand and "feeding Frenzy" mentality for those dedicated supporters who want to proudly show off their university spirit in an upscale way
  • The limited number of pieces in the first series will create a huge demand for subsequent vault logo and/or design releases.
  • It’s a great way to give to the university, receive a valuable product in return, and all consumers will receive a tax deduction for their purchase


Retrobilia is the perfect compliment to the university’s fundraising campaign as we provide a great opportunity to attract new donors and reward existing donors with a limited piece of collegiate memorabilia that alumni just can’t get anywhere else.

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